Turbo Tax Sucks

Just so you know, I am one of those “weird” people. You know them, the kind of people that let others cut on front in traffic, the kind that is happy that they have an old phone and the kind of person that does their own taxes. Basically, the kind of person that knows how to think in the terms of the big picture.

As a weirdo that does their own taxes, I often get frustrated by the experience. For the past several years, I have fallen into the trap of using the wrong free tax software and it bothers me every year.

Where I live, you can file online but the government recommends software that you use to fill in the forms then send it to them. Because it “looks” like the best option, I always use turbo tax. It is always the wrong choice. I do this same mistake every year because this is a chore that only happens once a years and I do not commit the process to long term memory. I also don’t commit it to long term memory because the process changes every year as well.

As you can see by the featured image in this article I hit a ridiculous obstacle in the software that I could find no way around. It happened after I spent quite a while filling in my very personal information. I swore out loud at an inanimate object because of this software. Hopefully, by writing this little blurb about my frustrations, I will be able to remember that this happened and never let it happen again.

Thanks for reading about my ranting. This was indeed a complete waste of your time and I’m sorry about it, so as an apology, here is a link to a nice peaceful song that will cool your anger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGSaJqsc47o.

Have a good one,


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