The Ethics Of Dog Shit

I find myself with a minor moral dilemma. As my dog wanders farther from the beaten path, at what point do I stop picking up his poop?

I always pick it up when it’s on the properly built walking trails, but not when he wanders off into the tall grass.

I don’t think that my dog likes me picking up his defecation. I noticed this, because he seems to be wandering farther and farther into the tall grass when he goes.

This is fine with me, but I remember being a kid that loved going off the beaten path and finding out what’s in the places between the trails. There were a quite a few times that I remember treading into a pile of doggy doo. It was disappointing, but just a minor toll for adventure. I scraped it off and carried on.

Stepping into dog crap still happens to me, even though I barely leave the predetermined trails anymore. I pay attention most of the time, but it’s those few and far between moments that I let my guard down briefly, that I find myself stepping in the product of some inconsiderate expletives poop machine.


So I wont. Why should I go out of my way to clean up the wild grass when I have neighbors that wont even clean their dogs shit off of the playgrounds where children frolic?


Should I be a good example and do it anyways?

I always clean it from paths and any grass that is mowed more than once per year. That’s good enough. Also, I actively pick up litter if it isn’t too much of an inconvenience. So there’s that.

It’s not like i’m some sort of saint or anything. I just think that I should be doing a little bit extra to make up for the people that do less than their share. That kind of attitude will make the world a nicer place.


So the real issue here, is assholic, ignorant neighbors.


How can I fix that, other than cleaning up after them. I have noticed a lot of household garbage around public garbage cans lately. Perhaps my mild litter control is not enough, perhaps I need to convince the neighborhood to do the same with me.

There are a lot of others in this neighborhood that are not nine to fivers. I’ve seen them. They are out walking their dogs and children, they are joggers and cyclists and people just out getting some air.

I will be a good example for them. I will show people that caring about your neighborhood is a good thing, not something that you need to be ashamed of. You don’t need to profit from everything, you can do something, just because it’s the right thing to do.


I will set the example for this place.

But I will not pick up the poops that end up in long grass, those are now fertilizer. I will however, pick up the trash that I see littering the ground.

Hopefully, someone will notice.

-Justin Trovrt

Nash Puggle Standing Tall in my suburban back yard

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