Something Different – Puggle Picture

I have came to the realization that I have not been on this site and updating it as frequently as I should.

I must apologize but my schedule of other projects keeps me extremely busy. I just want to let everyone know that I have not forgotten about this site and I am planning on keeping it foremost in my mind as something that requires my attention and at least weekly posting to remain relevant and interesting.

Until then, here are is a nice picture that I took with my Sony a35 camera for you to look at.

Puggle in Forest

This little guys name is Nash. This is one of the first long walks in the forest that we took him on while he was still new to us. We experimented with him being off leash and as soon as he realized that he was unhooked, he ran off.

A few seconds later, he came tearing back at us with so much excitement and joy, that I couldn’t help but laugh at his silly exuberance.



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