Serenity Through Sound Waves

Once again, my musical tastes have changed. It seems to change almost as often as the seasons do.

This time I have found an extremely peaceful music that is great for just listening to in the back ground while I work. I have not found a good name to call it yet, but I have seen it called lo-fi chill hop. I dunno about that…

Either way, it is kinda like some sleepy time music but it is just nice to have something playing in the background that doesnt try to take my attention away from what I am doing.

Here, have a taste.

Pretty chilled music eh?

That’s all well and good, but what I really need to write about is me. That is what this entire site is about. It’s my personal journal and blog.

I recently had that thought that if I start journaling things, I will be more inclined to lead an interesting life instead of just writing that I sat in front of my computer for hours. Journaling that I watched seven hours of YouTube is not nearly as interesting as going somewhere new and taking some nice pictures.

Dear Diary.

Today, I felt great, all day.


That might be kinda lame, maybe I should talk about the things deep inside of me that I really dont want to share with anyone. Maybe I should talk about mental problems and the overwhelming feeling of being an insignificant speck of humanity in a universe that is far to vast to even notice whether this entire planet gets obliterated.

Those would be some good thoughts to write about.

But that is for another day, maybe tomorrow, maybe today, Tomorrow it is.

So, until tomorrow my dear Diary.

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