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How To Get Every Comment Approved And Generate Interest In Your Links

I am fully aware that most of the people that need to read this message never will because they are using automated spam bots, but if you do happen to come across this message I hope that you fully understand and comply with it.

The blog comment is a misunderstood form of marketing that a lot of people don’t use because of its “nofollow” status, but with a carefully crafted comment, readers are still going to click your link and find their way to your site to see all of the other awesome ideas that some one who can put that much care into just a blog  comment can produce.

1. Read the Article – If your comment is vague and doesn’t have anything to do with what the author has written it is guaranteed to get deleted and marked as spam. You are generally going to want to repeat some of the keywords in your comment. “This site is great.” is a nice comment, some people might even approve those, but if you tell the blog author about how their article about *INSERT TOPIC HERE* has improved your life, you are going to get your comment approved.

2. Use your Name – I know that your name isn’t replica Rolex watches. If it is, give your parents a swift kick in the head because they don’t really love you. I just deleted 50+ spam comments on one of my blogs and because I don’t have the time to read them all, I just look at the name and did the first round of deletes based on what keyword the spammers were trying to dominate.

3. Relevant Links I know that your site is about some lame product that you are trying your hardest to make a buck with, but my site is about a particular thing and if your comment is good enough for me to actually approve, and your link is relevant then I might just make your link “dofollow”. I don’t need to tell you why that is important because if you’re blog commenting for links, then you should already be aware of its relevance.

4. Be Nice – No one is going to approve a comment that is hateful or mean. Why would anyone want that kind of hostility on a website that they are trying to build and nurture into a beautiful income generating work of written art. You don’t always have to agree with the author though, intelligent people are more than willing to listen to a different opinion than their own. Also, automatic spam filters detect certain words so if all of your adjectives are curses, the author wont even see the comment before they delete it.

5. No Copying – So I already told you that I deleted 50+ comments from another blog, but what I failed to mention is that only one of those 50+ comments made it past my personal spam filtration systems. It was relevant to my niche, had more than 140 characters, and wasn’t written by a robot. It was beautiful. It was so encouraging to know that someone had actually read what I wrote and wanted to share their thoughts and feelings about it. I still was cautious though, I ctrl C’d it into the almighty search engines and found that the same comment had been pasted onto several different sites in my niche. Disappointment and DELETION.

If you are looking to get as many comments approved as you can and increase your linking portfolio, then following this handy little guide will ensure that you get your comments approved and occasionally people will be willing to follow your link back to your website to see what an awesome author you are.


P.S. Pasting a link to this article beside your comment box is  going to improve the quality of the comments that you blog gets. So be my guest, the internet should be free always.

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