Rock Shadows on the Beach

I spent an afternoon wandering around the Darlington Provincial Park in Ontario and this is what I found. The sun was getting low in the sky and started casting some really well defined shadows. I was lucky enough to have brought along my camera to capture it.

Rock Shadows on the Beach

I also have a few nice picture of small dunes that cast really interesting shadows. I’ll probably post them on here later.

Actually… why not post them now? Here you go.

I thought that this effect in the sand was pretty cool. I’d never seen some thing like it so I just had to take a picture.

Small Dune Shadows


This next one really caught my eye with it’s two toned sand.

Two Toned Sand


This one is an attempt to take a nice picture that could be used as a wall paper background.

Beach Rocks in the Sand


I wont be posting all of the pictures that I took that day, just a few of the better ones . Theses are high resolution, so be sure to use them if you need them. Just credit this site if you do, thanks.

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