Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

withthebikeAs a motoring enthusiast, I must admit there are times when I don’t need a reason to ride, I just do it. There is a unspoken feeling when you are on your bike with the wind in your hair and the world flying past you at speeds that have been determined to be too dangerous for the general public.

We are not part of the general public though. We are riders, we are warriors, thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies and ordinary people that are looking for the extra ordinary. We embrace danger, knowing that the best time to be alive is when your heart is beating much faster than any pedestrian will ever know.

I was considering compiling a list of some good reasons to ride a motorcycle. That is what this littler article was going to be about. I will scrap that. Anyone who rides doesn’t need a list of reasons. But I still like to promote the motorcycle lifestyle, not because I am a salesman but because I believe that the roads would be a much better place if more people embraced and respected the danger that they pose.

Here are reasons why you should purchase a motorcycle.

It is inexpensive, you think that the 40 mpg that your car gets is good? Since you only use that car to get to work and back and some groceries on the weekend, why not get a 250cc motorcycle with a grocery basket on the back and enjoy the almost 100 mpg that some smaller bikes can give. Remember, the oil companies are telling us that we have reached peak oil so it isn’t going to last for ever. Either that  or the price is going to skyrocket when ever they choose.

It’s cool. Every time that I tell anyone that I have a motorcycle they don’t believe me. Then when I show up on it, they treat me differently, I immediately become a mixture of James Dean, Marlin Brando, and The Fonz. I used to be cool because of my “I don’t give a f**k” attitude but now that I do care, I’m cool because of my bike.

It will help you feel alive. That’t right. I know that you feel dead inside. How do I know this? Because I was there too. I would spend hours everyday behind my keyboard, not doing the work that I am currently doing, but just sitting and watching life pass my by while I languished comfortably behind the gentle embrace of the monitors glow. Those feelings are all gone when I ride.

Motorcycle meditation. That’s right, not all forms of meditation include sitting in the lotus position, chanting ohm while trying to pucker your anus hard enough to turn yourself inside out. Meditation is simply clearing your mind to find inner peace, make proper decisions and feel spiritually stronger. When you are on your bike, there is nothing except yourself, the bike and the road. Because the bike becomes an extension of yourself, it is only you and the road. Congratulations of your first step towards spiritual enlightenment, you philistine pig.

The reasons to purchase a bike, is a list that is as long as your imagination.

The reason to ride list only has one entry; because you are alive.


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