Personal Accountability

What did I do today? Did I work towards my goals? Do I feel good about my productivity? Did I exercise? Did I eat right?

I have spent such a long time doing absolutely nothing in regards to the questions that I just asked myself. I got caught up in working hard for someone else instead of working for myself. It has led to me losing an entire year of my entire life.

Well, I didn’t really lose that year, I do have a bit of cash to show for it but I did not work towards any goals, either long or short term.

It’s only recently that I have made a plan of action. I have my plan but I don’t have my goals clearly defined yet. I should really work towards that.

So, what do I want?

I want a great body. I don’t need to be ripped or anything, but the last year of my life has seen me add an extra thirty pounds from sitting all of the time. I will lose that weight.

I want financial freedom. I want to create an online empire that I can work at from home or absolutely anywhere that I want. This is not too much to ask. I already have a small amount of residual income coming in, but I need a lot more to actually declare my independence. One hundred dollars per day is attainable and I will attain it.

I want a rewarding relationship. It has been a while sine I have been in a happy relationship, and I think I miss it. I tell everyone that I’m a hermit, but the reality is that I can’t stand most people. Finding a relationship will not be easy, but I can do it. I will do it by just leaving the house more than I do.

There is probably a lot more things that I want, but those are the basics. Good, attainable goals. Not unreasonable at all.

So that’s it for today, I’ve written more today than I have in the past year and I am feeling worn out from it. It’s a good feeling, don’t get me wrong, it’s just an experience that I haven’t known in quite a while.

So thank you for listening to me ramble about my personal crap a while. I’m back and I will be updating a lot more than ever before.

Thanks again, and have a great night.

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