Making a Daily Exercise Plan

So I have been struggling and wondering for a while about creating a daily exercise plan for myself. I want to become fitter. I know that I have to ability to get a great body and serious abs, but I just don’t know how to get there.

My plan was to actually do some exercise to see how much I can actually complete, then make that into a daily plan for myself. I did get lazy and see what other people are doing though. Not that any of it is helping.

I guess some of it is actually helping. There is a new old kind of workout that is getting popular again. It’s called calisthenics. The premise is that you do not need any equipment at all to do it. As long as you got some where to do a chin up you can do a good calisthenic work out.

I think that is what I am going to start doing. Lets find out some answers to questions first though.


Q. What are the best exercises for calisthenics?

That might be a bit too advanced for me right now. Lets ask another question.


Q. What are the best BEGINNER exercises for calisthenics?

This is more of the answer that I am looking for. It looks like all of the exercises are all based on a few basic moves.

Pull ups. push ups, dips, squats, and ab exercises are all part of the calisthenic workout plan. Here goes…


Pull ups – inside grip – I can do 10

Push ups – normal – I can do 18

Dips – edge of bed – I can do 13

Squats – 90 degree – I can do 50 – Probably more, but it really burned.

Abs – full sit up – I can do 25


So, that is my starting line. I am completely out of breath and I didn’t do any running at all. I am relatively in shape from my previous job. I had to carry car parts back and forth in a warehouse all day long. I was 215 lbs when I started, now i’m 185 lbs and quit that place.

I am worried that I am not getting enough exercise during my day because I spend most of my time sitting in front of this computer. I have heard from many different sources that this level of stagnation is really bad for you.

There are many different exercise that I am going to add onto that list, but for now I will just start with doing those basic ones everyday. Hopefull that builds a good foundation for me to achieve the best body that I can get.

There is also another aspect to maintaining a level of fitness that is well above average, it is my diet. I need to eat  a lot better than I currently do. I came across this picture online and hopefully it helps keep me on track for eating right.

Easy Diet PlanIt is from a couple of dudes in Europe that call themselves the “Bar Brothers”. That’s kind of funny because when I was younger, I had some bar brothers and we never did anything like they do.

I just want to add this video that I stumbled across. I will be using this as a guide for my routine.

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