Let the Experiment Begin

Hello, how are you?

Now that the inane small talk is over, we can get down to the serious business of developing an informative and passionate website about the ups and downs of the introvert lifestyle.

What you may have noticed is that this site is actually a blog. Well, congratulations, your powers of observation are absolutely astounding. It is my hope you you only use these powers for good though, the last thing that the world needs is another internet troll.

So lets begin with me. I have an about page that I will be constantly be updating as I see fit, but in reality, this whole site is an about me page. I will be tracking my experiences from my perspective and putting myself into situations that I normally wouldn’t, ┬ájust for your entertainment.

I am also doing this for personal development. It has been said that overcoming discomfort is the only true way to grow as a human. I seem to have stagnated for the past decade and hope to change my agoraphobic lifestyle.

So read on and live vicariously through someone who at wants to live life to the fullest, or at least get out of the house every now and then.

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Justin Trovrt is an online expert who is sick of always being online. He has decided that the world is there for him to enjoy and not to just witness through the gentle glow of a PC monitor. He has been many things during his short existence on this globe, but by far the one that he is most proud of is being a writer. You can find him writing 140 characters or less on twitter.com/trovrt

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