Imptestrm – Problem Solved

So I just purchased a new domain and it was permanently stuck forwarding to a advertising page from I looked online for how to fix it with many people saying that my computer was infected, download and install some random software and all that jazz.

After an hour of searching I decided to try a new approach, screw with it. I know that there’s no information on the site I bought that I want to keep so I just started deleting all of the DNS settings.

This was a bit scary until I found an auto DNS fix program to restore them, this got my site with the word press blog up, running and under my control.

I think that this is a bit of a scammy redirect that affects hostgator if you are using a previously owned domain name that was set up for cash parking. I looked into to the history of the domain that I bought and it was originally registered in 2008. This is not the first time that I have had to deal with some problem like this. At least I managed to fluke my way into getting it fixed.

imptestrm solved

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