I Hate Windows 10

So I did it. I fell for a free upgrade that is slowly destroying my PC and causing me to spend hours every week restarting my formerly wonderful computer.

Windows Ten seemed like such a nice thing to come along and it really made me wonder why Microsoft was being so generous. I now have a feeling that their generosity is nonexistent and they are giving away this poor excuse for an operating system in order to make people have to upgrade their computers.

Maybe I am doing something wrong here, but I’m pretty sure that I have been using computers for the past 20 years and building them myself for the past 15 years. That means that I know what I am doing. The computer that I am currently using was build a while ago but the hardware is still very much up to date.

I have a 6600 quad core processor, a 512 mb graphics card and 16 gigs of ram. That should be enough to do anything with my machine, but windows 10 can not keeps its dang crap together  long enough for me to enjoy a proper session of anything.

So, when I was wondering “Should I upgrade to windows 10?” I did my research. It was only a few days after the upgrade became available so there was no major complaints about it. I should have waited.

Now that I have upgraded my poor PC to this horrible operating system I have been having non stop problem. After a while of experiencing this, I decided to write down everything that was happening to my computer. Luckily I wrote it on paper, because I don’t think my computer can save a .txt file without crashing. As I write this I am saving my work after every paragraph for fear of losing anything.

Windows 10 Crash Notes

Just in case you can’t read my writing, here is the translation:

  • Windows 10
  • Screen resolution f**ked
  • Would not stop restarting
  • Spacebar turns on the PC – Sleep mode
    • When I power off the computer, it only goes into sleep mode.
  • Keyboard won’t work x2
    • This happened twice in a row
  • Updates every time it loads
    • I know it is a new OS but that is ridiculous
  • Making sure I back up my work every 20 seconds
    • Luckily I haven’t lost more than 5 minutes work
  • 17 minute load time – See pictures
  • Youtube video broke the system (proture)
    • I do not remember what “proture” means
  • Game + Youtube = 1/8 speed video + keyboard off
  • Game = Crash
    • The game was Minecraft set to low resolution, not all that hard on the PC.

As you can see by my wonderful chicken scratches, I am not happy about this situation. It has been a couple of weeks of this crap and it is really pissing me off. I will most likely never buy another Microsoft product.

There are a lot of picture that I took to document these problems as well, here are the best of them.

Windows 10 Loading Time 8:31

So after waiting for several different eternities for my PC to load, I decided to document one of those times. It was after eight minutes I decided to break out the camera and document this computing disaster.

Windows 10 Loading Time 8:37

I wanted to properly convey how horrible my experience with this new and “improved” operating system was so I took a lot of pictures of a restart after a crash. Please notice the time it took to get my PC loaded back up.

Windows 10 Loading Time 9:09

Windows 10 Loading Time 10:13

Windows 10 Loading Time 13:23

Windows 10 Loading Time 14:00

Windows 10 Loading Time 14:29

Windows 10 Loading Time 15:55

Windows 10 Loading Time 16:07

Windows 10 Loading Time 17:01

Seventeen minutes to load up the computer. I know that it was after a crash but it is like this every time that I completely power down. I suppose that this is why windows 10 does not actually turn off the computer, it only goes into sleep mode, the programmers knew that it is horrible.

This is my tale of computing heart break at the hands of a gigantic corporate powerhouse. Hopefully they find stories like these scattered across the internet and know that they should do something about the problems that they are causing across millions of personal computers.

The only question that I can ask myself now is: “Can I downgrade from windows 10, back to windows seven?”.


UPDATE: I just found out that you can revert back to your old version of windows. Go to SETTINGS> UPDATES> RESTORE! You only have one month after your bad decision to upgrade to windows 10 to revert back to your old version so be sure to do it as soon as you can.

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Justin Trovrt is an online expert who is sick of always being online. He has decided that the world is there for him to enjoy and not to just witness through the gentle glow of a PC monitor. He has been many things during his short existence on this globe, but by far the one that he is most proud of is being a writer. You can find him writing 140 characters or less on twitter.com/trovrt

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