How to Program the Keyless Entry Remote for a 1999 Grand Am GT

Grand Am Key on Wood BackgroundIt was about a year ago the the batteries in my keyless remote died on me. I was slightly disappointed but since I worked in front of a wall of batteries at the time I just changed them.

It was easy and simple. Using a coin to separate the two halves of the key fob I found out that the keyless remote for my 99 Grand Am GT takes CR2032 batteries.

Once the new batteries were in I gave it a try and nothing happened. I am usually a pretty easy going dude so I just decided to use the key for entry into my car for a while.

It is now well over a year later and I just reprogrammed my own remote. Here’s how:

Do Not take your car to the dealership!

Read your owners manual, the page for keyless entry is 2-8. Keep reading and you will get to the instruction on the difficult procedure of reprogramming your remote. If you don’t have an owners manual, here is what it says:

Hold both the LOCK and the UNLOCK buttons down for about five seconds.

Yep, that’s is. I was using my friggin’ key for over a year and that is all I had to do. I guess the moral of this little tale is: Don’t Procrastinate.


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