How Bad Do I Want This?

This is a fight.

This is a war.

This eternal battle is within me. It is me against myself and I think that I am winning. There are things in life that I want and I know that I am on the right path to finding them.

My main goal is to earn $100 per day residual, passive income. I am currently at nearly nothing. Everything that I make a few dollars I think it is a fluke, but it is not, it is actually all of my hard work paying off.

I have been at this for years. Actually, I have only been at this for months. There is always some way that I find to become distracted. There are online games, booze, videos and a numerous assault on my time. Everything and everyone seems to be keeping me away from my goals.

I know I’m close though. I can feel it. I managed to create an 8000 word page about survival vehicles and it is actually¬†got to first page in the SERPS. I am quite prod of myself. It is a weird feeling because I have never really had that much to be proud of. I guess it is just nice to know that I am on the right track and I have completely figured out how to make this work. HARD WORK!

I do get quite bored of writing about the same topic for hours on end though. This little blurb right here is a bit of a break form writing about something else to just get my thoughts out of my head and into written form. I wonder if my writing is any good though. I rarely get feedback.

I NEED to remind myself of my $100 a day goal constantly though. It is keeping me focused. I want to get myself worked up so much that I want that goal more than I want air to breath.

If I can make that $100 per day target the only thing that I think about all of the time, I am pretty much guaranteed to hit it. I just need to want it more than anything.

I not only want to get there. I NEED TO GET THERE! It is the key that is going to set me free. I know that rhymes but I don’t care.

It is going to become my white whale.

I do need to plan out other sources of residual income other than websites though. I am going to have to start investing some of my profits as well. That money is not going to be all from the internet.

It was good to get this out but now it is time for me to get back to work.

Have a good night or day or whatever.


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Justin Trovrt is an online expert who is sick of always being online. He has decided that the world is there for him to enjoy and not to just witness through the gentle glow of a PC monitor. He has been many things during his short existence on this globe, but by far the one that he is most proud of is being a writer. You can find him writing 140 characters or less on

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