Beer is a Status Symbol

Empty Beer CansSo what does your beer say about you?

Are you an elitist jerk that only drinks the finest import beers from Bavaria, or are you a regular Joe that is happily swigging on domestics while watching Nascar on the television?

This is something that had me thinking while in line at the beer store today while I was behind a well dressed fellow waiting to purchase his Stella and unknown craft beer.


Happy first day of spring to everyone by the way. I hope that your online addictions are not interfering with getting you laid.


So about beer being elitist. I think that it is become more of a status symbol to gracefully sip the imports instead of guzzle the domestics. This is probably the conclusion that the advertisers have led me to though.

Perhaps that conclusion has been carefully crafted in my mind to encourage the divide between that haves and the have nots.

I ponder as I write this post, so please bear with me while I elucidate on this topic.


I just did an image search for Oktoberfest and wasn’t all that happy with the results. The cleavage was great but the pictures were kinda sub par.


I suppose that writing about beer is probably not a good idea after I have consumed copious amounts of the delicious nectar.


I am going to end this post and wish you all a merry first day of summer.


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