A True Horror Story

I know that I haven’t posted on here in a while and I could list off numerous excuses but the only excuse that is real is apathy.

For so long I didn’t care about anything. I just shambled my way through the day; work, eat, sleep, repeat. I didn’t care about the world around me, I was getting stuck inside my own head.

That changed this morning when I got out of bed and went right to the PC. I was recommended the YouTube channel, breakingtheset with Abby Martin. I was watching episodes about genetically modified this and fluoridated that until I eventually came across a video about the military contractor, Blackwater.

I know that people love a good scare every now and then and that is why the horror genre of media is popular, but this is  a true story that is happening right now.

I hope that this kind of information gets you as riled up as I get. I had to share it. The world we live in could be a much better place if this kind of thing didn’t happen.

Thanks for visiting my site and I would like to sincerely apologize for not updating it more often. I will get off my ass and do something. Thank you.

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Justin Trovrt is an online expert who is sick of always being online. He has decided that the world is there for him to enjoy and not to just witness through the gentle glow of a PC monitor. He has been many things during his short existence on this globe, but by far the one that he is most proud of is being a writer. You can find him writing 140 characters or less on twitter.com/trovrt

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